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About Saint Lucie Webs

About Me: Wayne Holtzlcaw

Why do I say "About Me" and not "About Us"? 

Well, quite simply, I am an independent freelance web designer and web developer; I don't have anything against other designers or developers, in fact, I have several colleagues that I bounce ideas off of from time to time, I just like to be completely immersed in a project.

Why be an independent designer and not work for a development firm?  

First, I have been a member of teams of multiple designers and developers for various advertising and web development firms in the past, but felt these projects were lacking one very important element. This missing element was face-to-face communications with the client. Typically an account manager was the only liaison between the client and the team. While this may seem like a good method for keeping requirements strait, often times the vision relayed to the team by the manager was nothing like the vision the client had described to the liaison. This leads to rework, missed dead lines, and unhappy clients.

I also found that while I was part of these teams, the team members were separated by literally thousands of miles. Now, I must confess, I enjoyed telecommuting, but working with a team of freelancers on a single project, separated by not only distance, but by time schedules as well, lead to more headaches than results, and I prefer to have happy clients, and to know that my work is appreciated by the client, not simply by a firm whose primary interest was to make a buck.

Finally, these big firms couldn't care less about small local businesses; myself, I believe that small businesses are the cornerstone of our economy, and that all businesses should have equal rights and ability to get on the web. In many cases, the cost of having an employee dedicated to web development just can't be justified, nor can the cost of having a large firm providing the solutions. My solution to this problem is to provide an economical solution for the now and into the future. Alas, I made the decision in 2007 to begin doing solo freelance design work, and Saint Lucie Webs was created.

My Vision: To be the provider of choice to local businesses and organizations for economical, reliable and effective website design, website development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and E-Commerce Solutions.

My Motto: Web solutions here today, and into the future.

My history with computers and the internet; Born in Northeast Florida in the early 70's, my first experience with the personal computer was at the age of 10. It was merely a year later that I began programming computers. My first programs were simple text based games, then I progressed into database oriented programs, and finally in 1984 I began running a Bulletin Board - the predecessor to a website.

In 1989, after having graduated highschool at the age of 16, and having completed a semester of college, I made the decision to join the United States Navy, and began my service in 1990. During my service in the Navy, I continued to work with computers as often as I could, becoming proficient in windows based programs and applications, including SQL Server, the complete Office suite, photoshop, etc. Though my primary duties were not directly computer related, I was awarded several letters of commendation for work I had done on various projects involving computer software and hardware.

After nearly 10 years of service, I made the decision to end my duties, and return to Florida, where I began working for an industrial equipment distributer as a service technician. Again, I continued to work on the computer as often as I could, though my primary duties kept me on the road. I finally made the decision to finish what I started before I joined the service, and began the journey to complete my degree in Software Engineering. During my college days, I maintained status on the Deans List. I began doing freelance design work in 2005, and made the decision to focus on independent development for local businesses and organization in 2007. Today, I continue to work as the Senior Service Technician for the company I started working for in 1998, but focus my after hours and weekend time to develop internet and website solutions for local businesses and organizations.