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Website Development

Website development is the coding that ties the design elements together for the web.
The bulk of the work in the website development cycle is done in the development phase. During the development phase, we tie together the elements of design with the functional requirements.

During the development phase, we turn the vision into a reality, but the requirements of development don't stop there. Steps taken during the development phase help ensure your websites visibility to search engines, allow you to properly track statistics, such as visitors, and ensure that any communication with databases or third party websites (such as shipping rates through FedEx) is seamless and efficient.

Coding websites in today's environment is different than even just a couple of years ago; the exponential growth of the internet and the number of websites has demanded new, better, and faster technologies. In the early days, the only skill needed to roll out a website was knowledge of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), but times have certainly changed. Now, HTML is simply not enough to create a quality, interactive website, now the skills needed include knowledge of PHP, MySQL, XML, JavaScript, AJAX, and the list goes on and on. The capabilities of the websites in the now is nearly limitless.

Click here to discuss your web design requirements for the now and into the future with Saint Lucie Webs.