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Web Hosting is required to share your website with the rest of the world.
Web Hosting comes in all shapes and sizes, and picking the right hosting solution is of ultimate importance to fully utilize the world wide web and your website.

My biggest word of warning when selecting a web hosting provider, is stay away from free hosts. Why? Well, nothing is truly free; often times they limit what kind of code you can use, or they will automate pop-up adds into your site. In some cases, such as a simple informative site for a project or club, it may work, but my advice is to save frustration, and pick a economical web hosting provider that will allow you to grow your website and your business.

All web hosting providers allow you to use HTML, after all, HTML is the back-bone of the internet. Beyond that though, the choices grow rapidly. Though versed in many web based programming languages, at Saint Lucie Webs, I have chosen to focus my skills using PHP and MySQL. When you choose a web developer, make sure you know what languages they are most fluent in, so that you can choose your web hosting provider accordingly.

Once you have chosen a developer, and have discussed the requirements for your web site, you can begin research for choosing your web hosting provider. At Saint Lucie Webs, I have chosen to use Lunar Pages. In the past seven years, and after having explored many different providers, I have found the Lunar Pages to be the best all around web hosting provider. There are many others out there that come highly recommended, but again I recommend that you do your research. There are literally hundreds of articles written every year comparing web hosting providers, and you will quickly see that there is a list of 10 or so providers that are shuffled up in these articles. Pick one in the top 5, and make sure that they have a package that will fit your requirements.

Discuss your Web Hosting requirements with Saint Lucie Webs today.