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My Family:

I find myself in the fortunate position of having an absolutely awesome family. My wife and I have been married for 11 years now, and have four children. The three oldest children are my princesses, and my youngest is the future king of the castle.

Having this many children certainly does present it’s challenges; making sure that everyone is involved in activities such as Girl Scouts, sports such as Baseball and Cheerleading, and Church Youth Groups, certainly keeps the schedule full, and the cars going, but it’s important to us that the kids get to experience things other than school and home.

When we aren’t running children back and forth from adventures of their own, we like to share adventures like fishing and boating (I love Florida), beach combing, swimming, gardening (well, always attempting to grow new vegetables), and a slew of other activities. I often find myself wondering where the time goes, but as they say, life is all about the journey, and we like to take the scenic route.

Besides just enjoying our lives in Florida and all it has to offer, we also get involved with local charities and organizations such as Disabled Veterans, Red Cross, and the Love Doctors Charities. As a family, we try to give back to those less fortunate than us. We play a dollar a week on the lottery, and as most of us know, the odds are far against winning, and though we never win, my 10 year old always says “It’s ok that we didn’t win, but I hope the person that won needs the money more than we do” – absolutely priceless if you ask me.

At Saint Lucie Webs, I make the same effort with all my websites that I do with my family, that is to experience all there is to offer, and to produce a site to be proud of.